International Legal Research Group – European Compliance Benchmark

What is the new LRG about?

ELSA is launching a new a Legal Research Group on the topic of a European Corporate Compliance in cooperation with K&L Gates, one of the world leading law firms. The questions of the LRG focus on outlining the relevant rules as well as assessing what the ramifications are for breaking them. The final thing that this project aims to cover is the measures that authorities can exercise to ensure that the law is not broken and who within each legal system has the power to exercise such authority. The findings of the research will be compiled in a final report to be published by ELSA and K&L Gates.

Who can participate?

ELSA International is aiming to recruit as many countries as possible from the ELSA Network to participate in this Legal Research Group.

The project is open for both law students and young lawyers from ELSA Member and Observer Countries. The countries of research groups will be confirmed to participate by ELSA International as soon as the Application Period is over.

Which team roles will the participants undertake?

 Each National Research Group of the participating countries shall consist of National Coordinators, National Academic Coordinators, National Researchers, National Linguistic Editors and National Academic Supervisors.

  • National Coordinators

    National Coordinators (1 per country) are the chiefs of the team and they facilitate the communication with ELSA International and the National Academic Supervisors. The National Coordinator can also be a researcher.

  • National Academic Coordinators

    National Academic Coordinator (1 per country) has a complementary role by overseeing the research conducted by the National Researchers and assisting the National Coordinator in all aspects relating to the academic content of the final national report. As such, the NAC is responsible for coordinating the academic development of the conducted research; answering academic questions from the National Researchers or communicating inquiries to the National Academic Supervisor for additional information; ensuring high quality research; processing and providing feedback to the national report prior to the submission to ELSA International.

  • National Researchers

    3-10 National Researchers; Under/Post Graduate/PhD students or young lawyers with focus and interest on the field who will be in charge of conducting the research on their national legislation and give answers to the questions set in the Academic Framework.

  • National Linguistics Editors

    Law Students or young lawyers with  professional Legal English knowledge or experts in legal translation, who will be in charge of the linguistic review of the research findings within their National Research Groups.

  • National Academic Supervisors

    1-3 National Academic Supervisors; Academics or expert lawyers on corporate and compliance law who will be in charge of reviewing the research findings of the researchers and provide them with academic feedback regarding the content.

What is the project timeline?

Draft timeline of the project:

19th of October – Launch of the Project, Call for the National Coordinators, Researchers, Linguistic Editors, etc.
10th of November – Deadline for the Applications for National Coordinators
28th of November – Deadline for the Applications for National Researchers, Linguistic Editors etc.
1st of December – Appointment of the National Research Groups

12th of March – Deadline for the Submissions of National Reports
16th of April – Deadline for the Final Corrections to the Report
End of April – Publication of the Final Report
May – LRG Conference

Application Form

Application period for the International Legal Research Group – European Compliance Benchmark is open!

Project Materials