What is the Essay Competition on Migration Law?

As one of the results of the collaboration between ELSA and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on the Legal Research Group on Migration Law, one of the researchers will be awarded a traineeship with the Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons Committee of PACE. The recepient of this traineeship will be selected based on an essay competition organised by ELSA.

In addition to the traineeship awarded to the winner of the essay competition, the best three essays will be published by ELSA International.

Who can participate in the Essay Competition?

The Essay Competition is open for all participants (National Coordinator, National Academic Coordinator, National Researchers and National Linguistic Editors) of the LRG on Migration Law.

How to register for the Competition?

The Registration for the Essay Competition on Migration Law is open from 8th of March until 18th of March 2018.

What is the project of the timeline?

Draft timeline of the Competition:

8th of March: Launch of the Competition
18th of March: Registration Deadline
21st of March: Clarification Question Deadline
1st of April: Deadline for Submission of Essay
14th of May: Announcement of Winner

Competition Materials
  • Participants Info Package

    Attached Participants Info Package includes an overview of the Competition, Rules of the Competition and further contact information.