How to join?

  • National Research Groups

    Within the National Research Groups, there are positions for Researchers (to provide the research), Academic Coordinators (to support the National Researchers) and Linguistic Editors (to proofread the reports). After the application phase, the National Coordinator selects their team.

    Find the relevant documents for NRGs here. 

  • National Coordinators and Academic Supervisors

    National Coordinators are responsible for overall coordination of the research in a respective country, as assisted by their National Academic Supervisor – a legal expert (practicioner, academic, or otherwise). The National Coordinator is in charge of communication between the National Research Groups and the International Coordination Team.

  • International Coordination Team

    This team consists of coordinators and editors:

    The International Academic Coordinator supervises the content of the LRG and oversees the feedback procedure, in which they are supported by the International Research Assistants. The International Human Resources Coordinator takes care of the applications, allocations of teams and the general management.

    The International Linguistic Editor and International Technical Editor assist the International Board in finalising the reports, and provide feedback throughout the process.

  • ELSA and the Academic Partner

    The main organiser of the International Legal Research Group on Renewable Energy is the International Board of ELSA, with the support of the Academic Partner (eg Council of Europe, International Labour Law Organisation, et cetera).