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Bilateral LRG on Criminal Law
Bilateral LRG on Criminal Law

Coordinated by: Yulia Zhyvchuk, Mykhailo Mitko and Katarzyna Krzyżak

Countries involved: Ukraine and Poland

Local Groups involved: ELSA Lviv, ELSA Kharkiv and ELSA Krakow

Published: April 2021

Length: 162 pages

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The notion of freedom of expression became a matter of utmost importance and concern in Ukraine back in 1991, when it declared itself independent from the Soviet Union, of which Ukraine had formerly been a part. In any contemporary State, the freedom of expression is crucial, as it contributes greatly to the ability of citizens to effectively exercise their right to self-governance, and is paramount to the personal development of all individuals, as well as ensuring and protecting their natural rights. Furthermore, the right to freedom of expression acts as a safeguard against discriminatory propaganda and government censorship, thus providing for a more democratic society, in which human rights are respected and political pluralism is ensured.

This comparative study aims to evaluate different ways of developing the right to freedom of expression in its criminal law aspect in Poland and Ukraine. Consistent presentation of the material from the point of view of the law of Poland and Ukraine – this structure of the study seemed to be the most interesting and receptive for comparison. Therefore, the reader can perceive and personally draw conclusions about the state of legal regulation of these relationships.