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Application for the International Legal Research Group on Internet Censorship

The Concluding Report summarises the findings and conclusions as presented in the Final Report and compares the conclusions in the different jurisdictions.

The purpose of the Concluding Report is to offer a brief insight into the findings of the National Groups in less than 150 pages, which offers an opportunity to spread the message of the ILRG further. While the Final Report offers greater insight, it may be too long for stakeholders needing a brief introduction.

ELSA International is looking for:

  • Authors: The Concluding Report will be drafted by authors who were involved in the drafting of the Final Report.
  • Academic Coordinators: The authors will be supported in their work by Academic Coordinators who preferably were involved in the coordination and supervision of the ILRG.
  • Linguistic Editor: The work of the authors will be linguistically edited by the Linguistic Editor of the ILRG.
  • Technical Editor: The technical editor ensures the conformity of the report with the Style Guide.

Please submit your application by 22 May 2020. Contact us at lrg@elsa.org should this give rise to any questions and read more below.

  • Personal Details

  • Please note that this is the only means of contact for ELSA and the National Coordinator of your National Group.
  • ELSA Details

  • Which National Group are you part of? This is the National Group whose National research Group you will be a part of.
  • Your current position in ELSA
  • Please choose which position you wish to take in the Concluding Report: 1) Authors read the Final Report and compile the key findings and conclusions; 2) Academic Coordinators support the Authors in their work and oversee the compilation.
  • Motivation

  • Express your motivation for participating in the drafting of the Concluding Report
  • See the ELSA Legal Research Group' Privacy Policy