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Balkans Legal Research Group on Water Law
Balkans Legal Research Group on Water Law

Coordinated by: Berin Günay and Nikola Ćirić.

National Coordinators: Antonio Šimac (Croatia), Danica Janković (Serbia), Kamilla Bodori (Hungary), Nihan Çıtır (Turkey) and Petar Stoilov (Bulgaria).

Countries involved: Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Turkey.

Published: 2021

Length: 187 pages

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This Final Report contains the results of research conducted by law students and young lawyers from the territory of 5 Balkan countries, who have joined forces in order to present the most important points regarding the water law legislation in their respective countries.


The report answers a number of questions within a legal framework developed in collaboration with law students and academics. It begins with an introduction to legal regimes for water sources, criminal offences and misdemeanours regarding water resources, analysis of the laws and regulations that are compatible with EU law, regulation on the borders of water areas and international and regional water-related legal disputes concerning water as a resource. The report concludes with a comparison and suggestions for improvement of the law.