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Concluding Report - Social Rights
Concluding Report on Social Rights
Austerity Measures and its implications in Europe

Coordinated by: Antonia Markoviti, Bruno Filipe Lima Monteiro, Mark O’Reilly and Lala Darchinova


Contributors: Håkon Bjørvik, Emmanuel Giakoumakis, Mariagiulia Cecchini, María Varela Suárez, Petra Zvržina and Bruno Filipe Lima Monteiro


Published: February 2016


Length: 120 pages


The Legal Research Group on Social Rights concluded with a 1577 page report. Its goal was to assess the effects of austerity measures on social rights in Europe. The research considered the social rights of the European Social Charter perceived to have been most affected by austerity measures and paid close attention to the situation of vulnerable groups. Each ELSA country report covered some of the main challenges that the participating countries are facing since the financial crisis started in 2008.


The Concluding Report provides a closer look and comparatively analysis each ELSA country report, highlights their main findings, ascertains how each region in Europe has been affected by the financial crisis and how the European Social Charter and its collective complaint procedure has contributed to alleviating the effects of austerity measures.