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Concluding Report - Migration Law
Concluding Report on Migration Law
Integration Policies

Coordinated by: Kerli Kalk, Bruno Filipe Monteiro, Oļegs Sedjakins, Valentin van de Walle


Contributors: Bruno Filipe Monteiro, Marilena Zidianaki, Ismini Athanasopoulou, Antonia Markoviti, Francesca Sella, Andreja Friškovec, Cecile Goubault, Nijat Eldarov, Anežka Majdakova, Ibrahim Hanif, Patricia Zghibarta


Published: March 2018


Length: 129

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The Concluding Report aims to give a comparative overview of the research published in the Final Report on Migration Law. It is organised into 11 chapters, deriving from the Academic Guidelines that the Final Report, that this document concludes, is based on. Each section provides an analysis of 28 pieces of national legislation based on the National Reports in the Final Report. Consequently, it provides an overview of what the integration process of migrants looks like in different parts of Europe.